Get Inked with Your Bestie: A Guide to Best Friend Tattoos 


Getting a tattoo is an incredibly personal decision. It’s permanent and can be a powerful expression of your identity and values. But why not make it even more special by getting matching tattoos with your best friend? Matching tattoos are a great way to show off both your individualities and your connection. But before you go under the needle, there are some tips you should consider for designing the perfect tatt for you and your BFF. 

Themes & Symbols 

The first step in deciding on a design is to agree on a theme or symbol that represents the unique bond between you and your bestie. Think about what makes your friendship so special and use this as inspiration when choosing what to get inked. Popular symbols include initials, infinity signs, animals, stars, and hearts – but really, any image that has special meaning to both of you will work! 


You’ll also want to carefully consider where the tattoos should go. Of course, many people choose places that are easily visible such as their arms or wrists – but if visibility isn’t important for you two then don’t be afraid to get creative! Other popular spots include ankles, lower backs, feet, or ribs – all areas that are easy enough to cover up if needed. 

Style & Design

Now comes the fun part – creating the design! Once you have chosen a theme or symbol it’s time to decide on how it should look. If you have an artist in mind already then they can help provide ideas on how best to represent your chosen symbol in ink form. If not, take some time doing research online or looking through portfolios at local tattoo parlors until something strikes your fancy! 

No matter what kind of design you choose or where you decide to place it, getting matching tattoos with your best friend is sure to create an everlasting bond between the two of you—one that will be permanently inked into your skin forever! So whether you opt for something simple like initials or something more intricate like intertwined animals—get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates friendship like no other!

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