How to Get a Provocative Tattoo Your Parents Will Hate


If you’re looking for a way to make your parents seriously cringe, getting a provocative tattoo is the perfect way. After all, what parent doesn’t hate it when their kid gets inked? The trick is to choose a tattoo that’s sure to create the desired reaction without being too extreme. Here are some tips for selecting a provocative tattoo that will have your parents huffing and puffing in no time. 

Choose Something Controversial 

When selecting your provocative tattoo, look for something that may be considered controversial by more conservative folks. For example, religious symbols can be particularly off-putting for some people, so if you’re looking to really ruffle your parent’s feathers consider getting an image of Jesus, Buddha, or any other major religious figure. Or go with something completely anti-religious such as the phrase “God is Dead.” 

Go Bold or Go Home 

Size matters when it comes to choosing your provocative tattoo. A small design will likely not get much notice from anyone who isn’t already familiar with tattoos and body art—including your parents! So if you want to make an impact, go bold and choose something large enough that it can easily be seen from across the room. Just remember not to go too big; you want something eye-catching but still tasteful.  

Location Matters Too  

The location of your provocative tattoo also plays a role in how effective it is at creating the desired reaction from your parents (or anyone else). Consider places like the neck or face—areas where tattoos are less common—for maximum impact. Other good locations include hands, arms and legs since those are more visible than other parts of the body that are usually covered up by clothing like backs and stomachs. 

Provoking tattoos can be fun and exciting ways to express yourself while also adding an element of surprise into your life—especially if you know it’s going to seriously irk someone special in your life like your parents! Just follow these tips when choosing yours so that you get just the right amount of edginess and provocation without going overboard on size or design choice – after all, this isn’t about making everyone angry! Instead it’s about expressing yourself in ways that others may not understand but will still appreciate nonetheless. Good luck!

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