7 Most Talented Tokyo Tattoo Artists

Get to know more about local Tokyo Tattoo Artists. Discover our top 7!


Looking for the top Tokyo Tattoos Artists? Let’s dive first a bit into the past. Tattoos in Tokyo and in Japan have got a deep-rooted history. As tattoo are not seen much, it has been widely spread around the world, because of the large and historic back pieces. These Japanese tattoos are most of the times telling an ancient story. However, tattoo in Japan have a bad reputation Especially with the infamous Yakuza, tattoos are still being hidden in public and sometimes even disallowed in pools and spas. Nether the less it doesn’t mean that there aren’t talented artists.

We’ve gathered some of the most talented Tokyo tattoo artists, which you can definitely not miss out! Discover some of Tokyo’s most creative tattoo artists.

7- Ajin



Ajin is a very versatile artist. Mainly since he is already tattooing for quite some time. Ajin is a master in adapting to the needs of his customers. So, if you ever have the chance to get your tattoo done by Anjin… Let him work his magic!

6 – Masaki Sakurai



Small, detailed & unique with a blend of shades & fine lines, Masaki knows how to tattoo are art on your skin. Get your tattoo over here if you want an oriental themed tattoo.

5 – Kaketat



Female-friendly tattoos. Smooth, subtle and elegant, Kake is specialized into making elegant design especially for women.

4 – Nana Nakagawa



Nana, is a multi award-winning tattoo artist who’s specialized into Japanese tattoos. Her tattoo designs are inspired by traditional Japanese tattoo art. She’s specialized in details and is extra well-versed in giving her tattoos a boost with perfectly aligned colours.


3 – Adrian Lee



This Tokyo-based tattoo artist is one of a kind. With his self-inspired & unique art pieces he rocks the world. Symbolism & hallucinated shapes are leading in his artwork. If you love to dream, than Adrian Lee would love to bring your dream into reality.

2 – Laura Anunnaki



Laura has an unique, eyecatching and kawaii Tokyo inspired style, which behold many unique tattoo designs. You can expect the most vivid unicorns, glitters & everything shiny. If you wish to get a popular tattoo, than Laura would be the to-go-to spot.

1 – T Radz



T Radz is unique in any kind of way. With her outstanding fine lines & unique Buddhistic inspired designs, she makes the best out of the ordinary. With cleverly symbolized and structured mandalas she knows how to surprise her clients.

Getting your first tattoo in Tokyo? Make sure you check out our tattoo pain chart, so you come well prepared. In this case you will make sure Tokyo tattoo artists can focus on delivering the most qualitative tattoo!