Top 20 Most Popular Back Tattoos (Male & Female)

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Are you looking for the most popular back tattoos? The back of your body is one of the most popular places for any kind of tattoo. Mainly because this is the largest & most spacious area for tattoos on your body.

Popular in this area are geometric, tribal, angels and dragon tattoos. Most of the people get multiple different tattoos on the back, however this space can also be creatively used for one single large tattoo.

Body Part: Back – shoulders & ribs
Size: Medium-large
Style: All styles

Perfect balance

Getting the best inspiration for your single back tattoo is not that difficult. However, if you want that your tattoo design has a perfect balance, you need to consider multiple attention points. For male back tattoos it’s most common to keep a triangle shape with one of the points pointed down (shoulder blades to centre of the back). In this way you make sure it will still look manly. For women’s back the tattoo designs are mostly focused on the centre, since it will look more soft and friendly.

The benefits

The benefit of shoulder tattoos is that you can decide whether you are going to show it or not. However, that being said; it still takes a prominent part of the body. Shoulder tattoos are looking beautiful when you wear a tank top or even go shirtless. Shoulder tattoos can be really versatile, mainly of shape of the shoulder.

Popular tattoo designs for the back

Most popular back tattoos are:

  • Mandala back tattoo designs
  • Flowers back tattoo designs
  • Angel back tattoo designs
  • Cross back tattoo designs
  • Animal back tattoo designs  

Below we gather world most beautiful back tattoo designs for women & men.

Male back tattoos

10) Modern Chinese Back Tattoo

9) The Tree of Life Back Tattoo

8) Japanese Koi Fish Back Tattoo

7) Tiger Back Tattoo

6) Quote Back Tattoo

5) Story Back Tattoo

4) Mechanic Back Tattoo

3) Realistic Back Tattoo

2) Subtle Eagle Back Tattoo


 1) Angel Wings Back Tattoo


Female Back Tattoos

10) Small Colourful Back Tattoo

9) Flower Back Tattoo

8) Colourful Elephant Back Tattoo

7) Indian Back Tattoo

6) Colourful Compass Back Tattoo

5) Angel Wings Back Tattoo

4) Abstract Plants Back Tattoo

3) Tribal Back Tattoo

2) Japanese Tiger Back Tattoo

1) Mandala Back Tattoo

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