Top 4 Ambigram Generators For Your Tattoos


Ambigrams are a particularly complex type of typographical art that can be read identically in different orientations. They typically take the form of a word that reads the same way upside down as it does right side up. Ambigrams are an excellent pick when it comes to creating an unique tattoo.

Ambigrams can be made very complex, but also very simple. In its simple form the design can be all in the same direction. More complex can have multiple orientations. To put it this way, ambigrams are perfect for tattoos, since of the hidden message. Especially for you we have collected 5 ambigram tattoo generators for you to use,

#4 Truly Science – FREE Ambigram Generator

This neat little tool transforms your words in multiple directions. It will be mostly mirrored. This can give the excellent effect that you are looking for in your ambigram tattoo.

Check out the Truly Science ambigram generator.

#3 Ambimatic– FREE

This tool is a desktop application, which can be used to create your own personalized ambigram. By merging two or more words this tool will provide you with awesome designs.

Check out the Ambimatic Ambigram Generator

#2 Font Meme– FREE Ambigram Font Generator

This tool is very easy to use & gives numerous options for displaying the font. Even though this is not directly an ambigram generator, this tool can be still useful if you are looking for that unique font for your tattoo.

Check out the Font Meme Ambigram Font Generator

#1 Flipscript – FREE

This easy-to-use ambigram generator allows you to input two words, these can be names or keywords. Even full phrases if you want to. After that you can select multiple option for displaying your input.

Check out the FlipScript Ambigram Generator

Now you have all the tools to create an unique ambigram tattoo. Let us know how it turned out. Looking for some inspiration for your tattoos? Check out these amazing back tattoo designs.