5 Things You Need to Consider When Designing a Custom Tattoo


Nothing speaks “personality” like a custom designed tattoo especially if you’re designing it yourself. Plus, you don’t have to be a professional artist to create a design you’ll be happy with. There’s a certain charm in doodle tattoos—if executed properly.

But there are things you’ll need to take into consideration if you want to plan it out perfectly. After all, what’s a little preparation for something permanent? Of course, you can always consult with a professional if you change your mind, but where’s the fun in that?

In this article, we’ll be highlighting some points to factor in when designing your very own tattoo. 

Tattoo Inspiration

You probably already have an idea for the subject of your tattoo and have gone through a lot of artistic platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. The best thing you can do is to look at the designs of each artist then try to create something that is true to your tastes and beliefs.

Pro tip: Avoid offensive imagery! 

Since this is permanent, you wouldn’t want to walk around with a tattoo that keeps offending everyone who sees it. 

Art Style

Another thing to consider is the art style you’ll be going for with this new tattoo. If you have several already, a consistent theme will make all of them come together.

Of course, that’s a subjective thing. Most people don’t bother with curating their tattoos because it loses the spontaneity of the experience. But like with all accessories, having them look put together will save you some regret in the long run.


With colors, it’s all a matter of maintenance. Colored tattoos fade faster than monochromatic ones over time and will require more frequent touch-ups. 

But if you haven’t decided on any particular colors yet, it’s best to stay with safe colors like black or brown as an outline and have it detailed later.

And with the same concept as art styles, it’s also okay to curate the colors you choose for your tattoos. Some people like to stick with red and black, while others go all-out blue like a porcelain vase. You can never really go wrong with colors 

Placement and Size

Now that you have a clearer idea for the sketch, it’s time to decide where you’ll be placing it on your body as well as how prominent you want it to be. 

The size and placement of it could also add to the meaning behind the tattoo art. Keep in mind that even though a 3×3 tattoo sounds small, placing it for example on your wrist can actually emphasize it more. But if you place it on your back, it may look a bit small. 

 Make sure to do your research and tailor the story of your tattoo to where you want to place it. 

Choosing the right tattoo artist

Now that you have a clear idea of what you want to get tattooed, it’s time to choose the right tattoo artist for you. 

Pro tip: Don’t rush to find the perfect tattoo artist! 

If you can, try to visit different studios and see how they work. Don’t be afraid to ask the artist’s questions—no matter how ridiculous it sounds. 

Laser tattoo removal can cost thousands of dollars and most of the time it makes your skin look 10 times worse after the procedure. So making sure your dream tattoo is perfect the first time is extremely important. 

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