Tattoos in Bali: Where to get your tattoos and how much will it cost?

Get to know more about the tattoo prices & find the best tattoo studios in Bali, Indonesia


Welcome to one of the most popular islands of the world… Bali, Indonesia! With so much tourism, leisure and beach life it comes naturally that Bali is a hot spot to get amazing tattoos. Through the rich Indonesian & Balinese culture, creativity has risen and shaped the tattoo industry in Bali. In this article we will cover where to get your tattoos & what are the price ranges for getting a tattoo in Bali. Keep reading on!

Bali has numerous of tattoo parlors spread mostly over Kuta, Legian, Seminyak and Canggu. While you were cruising around on your motorbike you might have seen already quite a few tattoo studios. Nethertheless, finding the right tattoo studio in Bali can be quite difficult.

When you first visit the Island of the gods, you will notice that the prices of tattoos can differ quite a lot. As in the most touristic areas the prices can go skyrocket, while just a few miles further down the road you can find more affordable tattoos with almost the same quality. Don’t worry we are here to make sure you will get the most realistic price and tattoo design you deservce!

Tattoo prices in Bali

Since of the large influx of Australians coming to Bali for their holiday retreat, you might be surprised of the high price level of the tattoos in comparison with the daily spending such as food or housing. The price of a tattoo differs on a few different factors. In Bali the most deciding factors would be:

  • The size of the tattoo
  • The placement style of the tattoo
  • Which area you are getting your tattoo (find our more which areas hurt more than others)
  • The different skills that are being used
  • The experience of the tattoo artist
  • The complexity of the tattoo
  • The different usage of colors

We recommend to find a tattoo shop which matches your style and ask them how many hours it will cost them to create your tattoo. This will give u great insight in how much the costs will approximately will be, since most of the artists will base the total cost on the estimated number of hours.

Bali tattoo prices per hour:

As it differs per tattoo shop whether you should pay per price or per project. But when a tattoo parlor quotes you the prices per hour you can at least expect the following rates:

Low rate: 0.8 MIL Indonesian Rupiah ($57 USD) per hour
Medium rate 1.1 MIL Indonesian Rupiah ($80 USD) per hour
High rate 1.9 MIL Indonesian rupiah ($136 USD) per hour

Bali tattoo prices per size

Some tattoo parlors in Bali prefer to quote per project to meet the clients total cost expectations. To make it easier for you to compare the different price segments. You can use the below chart for your price reference:

Small tattoo 5 x 5 cm Ranges from $30 USD to $85 USD
Medium tattoo 10 x 10 cm Ranges from $80 USD to $190 USD
Large tattoo 15 x 10 cm Ranges from $295 USD to $850 USD
Half sleeve arm tattoo Ranges from $600 USD to $1.450 USD
Full sleeve arm tattoo Ranges from $1.200 USD to $3.000 USD
Full leg tattoo Ranges from $2.000 USD to $4.000 USD
Full back tattoo Ranges from $2.150 USD to $4.500 USD
Full chest tattoo Ranges from $600 USD to $1.400 USD

The must-visit tattoo shops in Bali

While reading about the costs, you might also wonder which tattoo shops are the best ones from Bali? Since of the large amount of tattoo shops located around the strip, it’s very hard to make a definite choice. To guide you towards making the best decision (a tattoo is forever!) we have collected some of the best tattoo parlors in Bali, Indonesia. Most of tattoos are spread around the more touristic areas, as there is a high flow of potential customers. Take a look at the most prominent areas for your tattoos:

Tattoo shops in Kuta area

Anchor Tattoo Bali

Visit Anchor’s Facebook Page

Anchor Tattoo Bali – Half Sleeve Tattoo

Anchor Tattoo Bali is a nice & vibrant tattoo parlor in Bali. They solely work with professionals which have a numerous amount of years experience. With having a customer-centric approach, they are providing 100% warranty for delivering the best results for their tattoos.

You can find this hotspot nearby Mamas restaurant, which is just a 5-minute walk from Kuta beach.

Paradise Ink Tattoo Bali

Visit Paradise Ink’s Facebook Page

Paradise Ink Tattoo Bali – Indian Back Tattoo

Paradise Ink Tattoo is an award-winning tattoo studio. They provide ongoing training & guidance to make sure the artists will deliver nothing, but the uttermost quality. Paradise Ink works together with their clients to create their own & unique designs to make sure that you will have a personalized experience that will last forever.

You can find this amazing studio just off the main drag in Kuta in a relaxed and quiet lane nearby the famous Bali Barrel Surf Wear shop.

Shotonk Tattoos Bali

Visit Shotonk’s Facebook Page

Shotonk Tattoos Bali – Chinese Dragon Side Tattoo

Shotonk Tattoos is aiming to create a cohesive feeling of family. With setting the bar high in terms of international standards, they have well-known in-house artists with more than 20+ years of experience in the tattoo industry. They only work with the highest quality equipment and import inks from the United states.

You can find Shotonk Tattoos in the small alley Jalan Siang next to the Four Points Hotel by Sheraton in Bali.

Downunder Tattoo Bali

Visit Downunder’s Facebook Page

Downunder Tattoo Bali – Chest Rose Tattoo

Downunder Tattoo is a hidden gem! This recently opened tattoo studio has “one of a kind tattoo artists”, which are extremely skilled. Are you looking for details & excellent linework you should take a visit to their parlor.

You can find Downunder in the south of Kuta a few minutes drive from Waterbom Bali, not far away from the airport.

Tattoo parlors in Legian area

Angel Ink Bali

Visit Angel Ink’s Facebook Page

Angel Ink Bali – Japanese Samurai Tattoo

Angel Ink is one of the leading tattoo studios in Bali. They differentiate themselves by practicing the art of freehand tattoos. Their most prominent and definitely worth mentioning styles are full back, full arm sleeves and full leg tattoos where they integrate multiple symbols and elements into one tattoo. On top of that they are very strict with safety & hygiene procedures.

You can find Angel Ink easily, while driving from Sunset road into Jalan Nakula nearby the 3D Dream Museum Zone (DMZ).

Two Guns Bali

Visit Two Gun’s Facebook Page

Two Guns Bali – Japanese Dragon & Samurai Tattoo

Two Guns is an Australian-owned tattoo studio in Bali, who only works with award-winning artists. This lovely studio already operates from 2010 and has established great reputation on the Islands of the gods. We’ve got not much more to say… since their fantastic art pieces are speaking for itself. Definitely a recommendation!

You can find Two Guns Bali on a side alley (Jalan Patih Jelantik) of the long Jalan Legian road, not far from the Four Points by Sheraton and the One Legian hotels.

Balinesia Tattoo

Visit Balinesia’s Facebook Page

This vibrant studio has a relaxed atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff who will be more than eager to help you to advise about the right tattoo for you. Given the quality designs they already delivered to their clients, they will make sure that you will leave the shop more than satisfied.

You can locate Balinesia Tattoo on Poppies Line 2 Kuta and Jalan Pantai. Where there are plenty of free parking spots.

Tattoo studios in Seminyak

Luxury Ink Bali

Visit Luxury Ink’s Facebook Page

Luxury Ink Bali – Woman with Magic Ball Tattoo

Luxury Ink is owned by Australians and has a unique perspective on creating everlasting memories. With their designs and artwork, they are always on-point. The diversity of style and high quality of execution is definitely worth mentioning.

Luxury Ink is located at 4x Jalan Camplung tanduk in Seminyak, which is above Sushimi.

Artful Ink Tattoo Studio Bali

Visit Artful Ink’s Facebook Page

Artful Ink Tattoo Studio – Symbolic Eye of Providence and Mandala Tattoo

Artful Ink is a studio that we definitely had to add to this list. Since Artful Ink has a dynamic and mixed international team, which opens her doors for lots of guest artists flying in from all over the world. The studio itself is surrounded by joyful art & positive energy, which makes you feel at home from the second you walk through the door!

You can find Artful Ink in the well-known Petitenget street, not far from Strawberry Fields, Ling-lings & KYND.

Blockbuster Ink Tattoo Studio

Visit Blockbuster Ink’s Facebook page

Blockbuster Ink offers a large variety of different styles of tattoos. They love to brainstorm together with their clients to make sure that every customer picks something that they are comfortable with. If there’s no inspiration, then there are always thousands of different design prints, patterns & symbols to shape a noticeable tattoo for you.

Blockbuster Ink is located in Double Six Street (jalan Arjuna).

Tattoo spots in Canggu

Sacred Ornaments

Visit Sacred Ornaments their Facebook Page

Sacred Ornaments Studio – Mandala Flower Tattoo

Sacred Ornaments was founded by Romain LaBordille, who is a French tattoo artist. The shop works with international talents to deliver the ultimate experience for every kind of tattoo. To maintain the high standard of hygiene this studio only works with imported ink & needles.

You can find this clean & interesting shop nearby Echo beach.

Babayaga Tattoo Studio Canggu Bali

Visit Babayaga’s Facebook Page

Babayaga Tattoo is an international studio that has only the best professional artists working for them. This cute studio is primarily focused on minimalistic design with fine lines. With just being around for a few years, Babayaga tattoo has gained popularity on a very fast pace and is still growing in reputation.

You can find Babaya in the heart of Canggu on one of the mainroads, nearby Betelnut Café.

Charlie Rose Tattoo Canggu Bali

Visit Charlie Rose’s Facebook Page

Last, but definitely not least we want to give the stage to this unique, ambitious and excellent tattoo studio. Charlie Rose is one of those few places, which has a blend of everything. Whether you are searching for a custom blackwork tattoo, a complex artistic artwork or precise dotwork they can do it… and good! This recently opened high-end shop is one of the best tattoo experiences of Bali. The studio is entirely built on putting ethics and humanity first.

Charlie Rose is strategically situated in Canggu, not far from Pretty Poison & Nude restaurant.

Bali… A tattoo for everyone!

In Bali you can find excellent tattoo shops who can work with any kind of budget. By reading this article you should have gathered enough information about the price ranges of getting a tattoo in Bali. Plus, you got plenty of inspiration from our selection of top tattoo shops in Bali.

Is this your first time of getting a tattoo? Make sure you check out our tattoo painchart, to make sure you come well-prepared.