Top 25 Really Cute & Small Tattoos for Girls

Must-have small tattoos for girls that are cute, beautiful & everlasting. Go check it out girls!


Small tattoos for girls are really the perfect way to decorate your body in the most elegant way. Small tattoos are all about your personality and these cute tattoos are most of the time the first steps into the adventure of getting larger, more dominant tattoos. If you are indecisive about your first tattoos then these small tattoos can definitely help you feel comfortable with your choices as a true woman. To help you into the right direction we have gathered 25 cute and small tattoos ideas for you, as a real girl!

Tattoos can be placed on numerous body parts and the most popular spots for girls are still the legs, back and arm. These spots are excellent for when you want to hide your tattoo for the public and when you want to show it proudly, you can! For us we just want to make sure that you make the right choices when it comes to selecting small tattoos for you and to make sure that you show it in the right location. So are you ready? Hereby our top list picks.

Freedom pigeon wrist tattoo

Freedom is where you want it to be. With this perfectly illustrated freedom pigeon @estebantattoos shows true art in his most simplistic shape.

Cute small “P” tattoo

A tattoo doesn’t have to be complex and detailed to give it meaning. @tattoo_rex shows how minimalist design can have an outrages impact.

Small Japanese wave tattoo

Cute, simple and a powerful tattoo. Thanks for the wonderfol design @blackcelebrationtattoo

Small moon tattoo for girls

A little moon and birthday combination is shaped into this wonderful design from @tattoosbywooz

Cute palm tree tattoo for girls

With this simple but exotic tattoo, it’s always sunny and tropical when you are around. Keep up the work @pamtorrestattoo

Awesome UFO spaceship frog

This unique design illustrates that you don’t have to go mainstream with your tattoo to make it look good. This space frog is the true example of how unique and small tattoos can work for girls. @danitattoos shows how its done!

Hidden dotted ribbon tattoo

Simple and yet so elegant. With this dotted ribbon behind your ear you can never go wrong. Credits to @demboyz58

Italic “F” girls tattoo

The “F” stands for forte (loud). Thanks for sharing @tinytattooinc

Two hearts cute tattoo

Love is in the air! With these symbolic hearts you make sure that you carry around always as much love as you can. The love comes from @jonboytattoo

Flying birds cute tattoo

Wow! This perfectly done linework shows that true art doesn’t have to be large and complex. Less is more. Image from @small.minitattoo

Blackwork minimal manatee tattoo

This tattoo design has it’s own creatively vibe on it. The linework definitely hows how a manatee can look really awesome as a tattoo. Keep busy creating more unique small & cute tattoos @j.h.ditchfield_tattoo

Colored butterfly tattoo for girls

These cute little monarch butterflies are a definition of awesome! Sweet tattoo, @tiarne.hook

Cute rose tattoo

Roses are forever. @marlena_sweet_hell, a small tattoo with maximum impact. We are lovin’ it.

Small geometric fox style

So cuuuuuuuuute! This geometric fox says it all. Besides cute, it also looks cool at the same time. Very sweet tattoo, @danielamedinatattoo

Small eternal rose tattoo

Merci beacoup for sharing such a small and beautiful rose tattoo, @reze_tattoo_joce

Cute small realistic cat tattoo for girls

Amazingly realistic looking cat tattoo. This cute little cat you just want to cuddle until end of time. Tattoo credits to: @tattooist_keter

Small rose tattoo for girls

So simple and cute! Nice work: @vivotattoostudio

Dark raven tattoo

This dark raven tattoo is also on our list for cute tattoos. Credits to @tattoo.sie

Happy unicorn wrist tattoo

This hand-drawn style unicorn is something so cute. Small & powerful, @iriss_tattoo

Back of neck lotus outline tattoo

This is how you should have your tattoo! You have full control of the visibility of your small & cute tattoo. Excellent tattoo @tetovacky_plzen

Pink lotus tattoo

A cute & small pink lotus tattoo from @antitled.xiii

Remote control buttons tattoo

Want to play? A nicely done fineline tattoo from @tattoobychang

Cute self love small tattoo

This small, elegant and cute tattoo is an example how you can have a nicely designed tattoo with a deeper meaning. Good work @little.tattoos

Back of neck shell tattoo

An excellent inkspirational shell tattoo that will leave a good impression from @luanadorea.

Bracelet tattoo style

Why wear bracelets when you could have tattoos? @d_ashtattoos

I guess you now got the inspiration that you need for your small tattoo. Going for the leg? Especially for girls we have selected the 45 must-have leg tattoos for women. Make sure you check these out, as they will definitely help you on your quest for inspiration.